Want To Explode Your Business Growth And Scale Your Profits To The Next Level In The Next 90 Days?

Take the stress out of growing your business and make it fun to Scale Using predictable systems to fill the “sweet spot” of your business.

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Our only focus is to help you generate more consistent customers and clients on the internet.

Our only focus is to help you generate more consistent customers and clients on the internet.

Dear Business Creator

If you’re looking for a 30 second quick fix…

Then skip to eBay and buy a magic wand!

Because, this is NOT what we’re about.

The truth is…

I know growing a business can be hard.

(Very hard)

And if you’ve tried to do it and gained little to no success.

Then, I feel your pain.

Because I know you’re probably feeling swamped with responsibilities, with little reward after years of hard work.

Stressed out of your head, pulling on hairs only to get no momentum or very little momentum.

And if you’re like most business owners…

Your attention is being pulled from every direction…

To every guru telling you what you should do.

“Should I build my social, start blogging, build a personal brand…

Or should I start using video and reach as many people with it?”

And, here’s the thing…

Even if you dropped tens of thousands into advertising to pay for attention…

How can you scale that and make it profitable?

Because most who try to scale with advertising find all too quickly their ROAS drops through the floor….

CPL’s and CPA’s skyrocket.

And all the ROI burns quicker than a field of dry crop.

So here’s what they do when this happens.

They pull back on their ad spending. Go back to the old ways In a vicious cycle that leads to being a mediocre company.

And quite frankly…

If you’re doing the same and don't change SOMETHING this year...

your business will stagnate (or go backwards).

you'll make the same money (or less) than last year...

and you’ll feel miserable!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s a chance to scale to the next level when you know how.

All it takes is to know the “sweet spot” of your business and put the right system and campaigns in place.

And it’s available to you and every business owner whose ready for huge growth potential.

Imagine what that would look like…

If you had A SYSTEM that gave you the ability to press a button and have your business flooded with whatever customers, clients, and sales, as you can possibly handle.

What if this could free up more time to get your life back and spend the time on the ones you love.

And what if you could get MORE freedom to do the things you love.


Whatever that is for you…

…You can get a predictable and consistent way to generate as many leads and sales as possible, without spending more on advertising.

You’ll Know every morning you wake up you never have to worry about where customers or clients come from.

Even Regardless of whatever happens to the economy.

You can Virtually RECESSION PROOF your business
And perhaps best of all…

You can take back control of your health, life, and business.
And all you have to do is ONE thing.

Decide the fate of your business growth below…

And choose the journey you want to begin…

how we get results

Done-For-You Social Media Ads

Putting together an advertising selling system is difficult. But, putting together ones that scale for hyper-growth is even more difficult. However, We can do it for you for!

DIY Business Growth

Free Training and resources, looking over my shoulder as I show you how to advertise and scale FAST!

Hey! I'm Marketing Consultant Rick Khan.

Hey, that’s me on the left if you’re on a desktop or above if you're using a phone.


I’ve been in the selling game since 2006 and transitioned to taking some seriously good selling processes online in 2014.

Since then I’ve built a large digital mediation business, created multiple campaigns across different niches, and helped 1000s of businesses across the globe with social advertising and copywriting.

But you know what…

I don’t want to go on and on about what I did…

…do…or whatever!

If you want to find out yourself if I’m a good fit…

You’re better off watching my YouTube videos…

Listening to my podcast episodes…

Maybe even read my articles or blogs.

And you never know, you might find them really helpful, and we’re probably a good match.

If not, heck that’s fine, I appreciate you checking them out anyway.
I’m sure I’ll hear from you soon!
Take care.

Want To Turn Social Ads Into Profit?

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Free Sales Campaign Blueprint

Selling online can be stressful, confusing, and overwhelming.

whether it’s creating funnels, writing copy, driving traffic, or wearing all the hats.

And, even when finally getting all this up and running…

(for example: driving high-converting leads and sales on autopilot)

This isn’t down to working endless hours, finding a ninja technique, or even becoming an advanced marketer or top copywriter!

It’s possible with one thing only – Offer Campaigns!

I put this into a Step-by-step ACTIONABLE blueprint guide and you can grab a copy for FREE right now and start reading it and set up your Offer campaigns immediately.

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Watch. These videos are golden. 100% over the shoulder with REAL actionable “how to” you can use right NOW. Not just a bunch of fluff.


Want some long tutorials or short ones? Great! I have them both here. I get hands-on and in the grind showing you ways to scale, advertise and write copy with up-to-date advice.


Watch. These videos are golden. 100% over the shoulder with REAL actionable “how to” you can use right NOW. Not just a bunch of fluff.


REAL actionable methods that help you advertise, write copy and so much more, to take your business to the next level.

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