About Rick Khan

Hi I’m Rick Khan owner of Zilla Click.

Now we’re getting formal with the “about me” page!

Usually, you're supposed to sound really important here.

So with that said…

(clears throat)

Let’s get into the personal stuff!

Who Am I And What Would You Like To Know About Me?

But, I’m guessing this is not the stuff you wanted to know.

You're probably thinking…

Should I pay any attention to this guy and…

I’m 37 years old. I live in the UK in a village named Derbyshire with my wife and two kids.

I’m 37 years old. I live in the UK in a village named Derbyshire with my wife and two kids.

Why Should I Listen To Him?

And for many reading this…

You shouldn’t!

Because Of These THREE Things…

#1 If you don’t use or have no intention of using advertising, then my stuff isn’t what you should listen to.

There are tons of ways of getting free or paid traffic, but doing it through the latest “gimmick” and secret loopholes isn’t what I’m about.

Maybe it works maybe it doesn’t.

But it’s not something I care about.

I like things to have sustainable lasting results that build businesses long term. NO short-term crap!

#2 If You Want A Magic Wand, Then I’m Not Here To Help You


I know plenty of marketing strategies to help you in so many ways.

But for those who want the magic wand and want everything EASY…

Then what you’re really telling me is that you’re not serious about long-term success.

And those who are not serious, are those who are not willing to commit.

I take my time very seriously, and when I work with others I expect commitment and dedication back.

#3 You Don’t Want To Add Value

REAL businesses add value in some shape.

And if you’re not bothered about adding value to your customer or client and want the “quick rich” map.

Then please do me a favour.

Find someone else.

Giving your customer and clients something they want and adding more to their lives is what my values are, it’s the best way to scale to the next level.

BUT ,if you’re still reading this, then…

Here’s what you can expect from me.

No fluff ACTIONABLE marketing tips, strategies and tactics to scale your business to the next level all for FREE!

Me asking if you want to partner with me.

Yeah…I pretty much directly said I’ll be asking you if you want to work with me.

I mean it’s true!

Because I know for a fact, when you say, “if his free stuff is this good, what’s his one-to-one service like?”

This is called results in advance.

Demonstrating REAL value and helping businesses get where they want to be.

Works well.

(I mean why wouldn’t it?)

Giving people real results, can't be a bad thing, right?
Anyways, if you’re still thinking… 

“Is this guy’s stuff any good?”

Then I advise you go through my free stuff first.

But let me tell you how it all started.

I started my Sales and Marketing career back in 2006 working with different companies selling credit card protection, debt advisory services, insurance, and all the way to mobility scooters.

And at that time it was in two ways…

On the phone hardcore cold calling and the other face to face.

This put me at a MASSIVE advantage above most gurus in the digital world.

because the knowledge I grew from physically speaking to real people literally 100s of thousands of people put me in a whole different category of selling.

But then I had an idea.

I saw how huge the digital world was becoming, more and more people were buying from the internet, which got my attention.

After all, no matter how much the structure of social dynamics changes and technology.
Psychology stays the same.

Desires don’t change!

So taking what I knew from selling for over 10 years, I then started becoming obsessed with selling with the written word aka copywriting…

Reading books from Eugene Schwartz, john Carlton, john Caples etc...

I must have read, and even hand wrote 100s of sales letters.


This is when the journey began after 4 years of trial and error.

To finding gaps in the market and putting a system in place…

When meditations were at an all-time high.

I started creating ads for mediation mp3’s that began selling like hotcakes through social media.

I built with my business partner a huge social following and consistent sales through direct response marketing.

And fast forward to today…

I now help 1000s of businesses across the globe with digital strategies that scale with advertising.

Here’s what I’ll do for you…

My biggest focus is to help you scale your advertising campaigns to the next level.

I’m the creator of a system called the “Optimised Platform campaigns”…

This really is a fancy way of saying, I take your product or service and use the most ruthless, best platform for your business to automate a sales system…

And position you and your business before your prospects even buy from you!

(It’s that good competitors with GIANT budgets, won't EVER compete with you or even know what you’re doing to consistently generate leads and sales)

Because ultimately building a meaningful relationship with your client or customer is what keeps bringing in more money from the same person.


Here’s a little Sales Pitch from me To You

Go check out my free stuff and watch some videos, read some blogs, listen to my podcasts…

And if you like them…

Then there are two things you can do.


Sign up for my book and get some free training to build out a custom campaign that makes selling easy.

And TWO.

When you’re ready don’t waste any more time and get on the phone with me personally here:

Simple enough?


See you soon.