May 2, 2022

Copywriting Research Process Using 7 PhasesIn this article, I’m going to reveal a copywriting research process Using 7 Phases …Whether you’re writing for your business, you’re a freelancer or writing for an agency.This article will give you the confidence to gather the correct information and turn that research into converting sales copy.But at the same

April 25, 2022

How much does Facebook advertising cost in 2022How much does Facebook advertising cost, And are Facebook ads worth it?Now, this might be something different from what you may have thought because this question can be quite tricky…Because ultimately it depends on many multiple factors and is different for everyone.But this article is going to help

April 9, 2022

Top Method For Creating High Converting lead magnet email sequenceIn this article, I’m going to reveal the Top Method For Creating a High Converting lead magnet email sequence and how you can start doing this today.Specifically, you’re going to know the structure of the sequence and how you write an email sequence for a lead