Facebook Ads For Local Service Business 5 Essentials in 2023

In this article you're going to discover how to generate more leads and and get more customers and clients on demand.

Whether you are a service based business or an agency for running ads for service based businesses.
By learning the Facebook ads for local service business 5 essentials.

  1. Bring high volume reach to the top of your funnel.
  2. Demonstration Ads.
  3. Build trust with your audience.
  4. Open your targeting or use broad targeting.
  5. Don’t overcomplicate the process.

Should you run Facebook ads for a local service business?

What's good about advertising local service businesses on Facebook is that it reduces the competition because you're not competing with the many national or international businesses.

local businesses also have more of a connection within the communities, so this makes it easier.

And another good point about service businesses is that compared to most e-commerce stores or online businesses your CPA or cost per acquisition can be a lot higher.

For example, if you’re a personal trainer selling multiple sessions in a package that could be $1000 plus.

Or even a martial arts business selling a 600 dollar package is a lot more than a 20-dollar mp3.

Which gives a much higher threshold for how you can spend without making a sale to keep your ads in profit or at break even.

So with that said lets go into the 5 essentials you should be doing starting with...

1. Bring high volume reach to the top of your funnel

You want to bring higher volume to the top of your funnel, because since you're targeting locally you don’t have the advantage of reaching millions of people like most national and international businesses.

And when you start your ad you want to reach as many people as possible around your local area, so you want to make sure you target as many of them as possible.

The best way of doing this is by using videos or articles using the engagement campaign.

This will increase the amount of reach in the local area to retarget for a conversion.

So let's say you create a short video, you would run that as an engagement campaign, and then retarget people with video views, specifically people who watched over 25%.

Or if it’s a blog people who interacted and engaged with your ad.

This will increase the size of how many people you will want to turn into a conversion further down the funnel.

2. Demonstration Ads

Since you're targeting a smaller pool of people, you want to try and showcase and demonstrate your service.

A demonstration is a great way of showing proof of what your service has to offer.

This will immediately showcase how you can be of service to your prospect.

Let’s say you run a dog grooming service…

You could demonstrate how you handle your clients dogs and the love and care you put into the dogs.

You can also get the owners to tell a mini-story about what was it like before your service and display an after picture.

Or another example could be a carpet cleaning service…

Demonstrate and show how you have transformed multiple places and their carpets saving people 1000s on buying new flooring.

There are many creative ways to demonstrate and this holds so much weight that it gives proof and certainty to the prospects watching.

3. build trust with your audience

Instead of directly asking for the sale or booking…

You want to first build certainty with your prospects that you are the person they can trust with confidence so that they make a purchase.

This will not only separate you from any competition but will put you at the top of their mind when it comes to whatever problem you're solving.

So before you run any ad for sales or bookings…

Create some type of lead magnet that could give value closing the gap to helping them solve a problem.
Don’t stop there!

Follow up with them through emails because the truth is…

90% of your sales or bookings will come from your email list.

Your list gives you the opportunity to continue to build trust and continue to offer your service over and over again.

4. Open your targeting or use broad targeting

As I mentioned earlier, local businesses have less reach than national or international businesses…

And the last thing you want to do is limit Facebooks reach by using too many targeting options or specific targeting.
Instead, you have two options or you can combine these options.

Which is to be broad when targeting or open the targeting with nothing in it.

Leave it wide open and let Facebook do the work, since post IOS, Facebook has gotten a lot better at targeting…

And leaving their AI to do the work will find you the best prospects without you having to do much work.

However, if you do select an interest make sure to leave it wide open by being broad.

This is where you can combine the two by separating your ad sets and leaving one of those ad sets with no targeting and the other with broad targeting.

That way allows you to discover what works best for your business.

5. Don’t Over complicate the process

You see it’s easy to get technical and bogged down by just the thought of putting all of this together.

But the truth is… all you need to do is focus on giving value and goodwill to your audience and connecting that through social media.

If you genuinely become helpful to your prospects and have a genuine desire to help them.
Your ads become just a means or tool to help deliver that.

And if you break things down into actionable easy steps then it becomes possible.

Such as...

  • Make a helpful video or write a helpful blog.
  • Put it into an ad.
  • Retarget with more helpful stuff.
  • Then ask for the sale or booking.

That’s how simple it can be, many advertisers over complicate things, just keep it simple.