Facebook Ads Lifetime Budget Vs Daily Budget (Choose Wisely)

In this article, I’m going to cover Which is best to use, Facebook ads daily budget vs lifetime budget, and how to choose wisely.

Because even though you can use both of these budgets in any type of campaign that you run.

There are different reasons you would use one over the other.

The advantages of using a daily budget

I like to use daily budgets because they give full control over how much I spend on my campaigns and where I want to distribute this.

And what’s good about daily budgets is that It’s easier to know what to expect as you know how much you’ll be spending per day and perhaps best of all using a daily budget is better for evergreen campaigns that can run from 6 months to a year and beyond.

Where scaling is easier and you can increase smaller budgets over time or even decrease the budget without having to increase the bigger budgets over the lifetime of the campaign.

The advantage of using a daily budget is that you're putting a cap on the amount you spend on a daily basis.
However, even though you're telling Facebook how much you want to spend each day.

Facebook’s algorithm may still spend less on some days and more on other days depending on where it thinks it should be spending.

The advantages of using lifetime budget

With a lifetime budget, you're essentially putting a start and end date into your ad spend and telling Facebook how much you want to spend throughout that campaign.

Now, this optimisation can be good if you have a time limit on an offer you're running and want to make sure you don’t want to run that campaign over a certain duration, without you having to keep checking and managing the campaign.

This can give peace of mind to people worried about spending too much on their ads.

I would also use a lifetime budget if there was a special promotion that was on a time limit, or I don’t want to micro-manage certain types of campaigns, then I would set the lifetime budget.

where can you set each of these budgets

There are two different places you can set these budgets which are…

One at the campaign level, where this lifetime or daily budget will be spent across each ad set.

Two at the ad set level, putting in your daily or lifetime spend.

After you have decided which budget type is right for you, you may want to consider how long you should run your ads.