Getting Clicks But No Conversions Then Change This With These 5 Hacks

If you're getting clicks but no conversion, I'm going to show you the 5 big reasons why you're not converting and then the hacks behind how to fix these fast.

Testing is the cornerstone to getting the conversions from clicks to work, so if you already have clicks coming in, all you need to do is to tweak what you have.

How do I increase my websites conversions?

First things first is to diagnose the problem, breaking down the entire funnel and messaging, then tweak everything until finding what works.

Diagram showing steps to diagnosing the problem for a sales funnel for conversions

There are many multiple factors that can prevent conversions including:

  1. Is Your Copy or Offer working?
  2. Are you getting enough Clicks?
  3. What’s the message at the front End?
  4. The demographics?
  5. How much testing have you actually done?

However, before going through these 5 hacks there's something you should know first when you get someone to click through…

Which is, where are you sending them...

  • Are you sending them directly to a product or service?
  • Are you sending them to your website?
  • Or are you trying to get a booking?

This is important to know and understand…

If you’re sending people straight to a website, without having any call to actions, or sending people to multiple products, or straight to a booking page.

This will determine what happens after the click, which leads to the first hack…

1. Is Your Copy or Offer working

One of the biggest reasons you might not be getting conversion is that your copy isn’t compelling enough or the offer isn’t what people want to buy.

Even if you’re sending traffic to an affiliate page, do they have a proven sales page that’s converting?

The offer on the sales page is the number one thing that if it's wrong it won’t convert.

Even if you have a powerful brand and 1000s of pieces of content but the offer’s bad, you won’t get the conversion.

Because The offer is the thing the prospect wants to fill the gap between their problem and the solution you provide.

And if your offer doesn’t solve that problem it won’t work.

Or if you’re not communicating that offer, again they won't understand the message and you won’t get the conversion.

So you want to make sure you have what the prospect wants.

And then create the perception that makes your prospects desperate to buy.

The elements to writing sales copy that converts

Here are a few elements that should be within your offer:

  1. The BIG promise – promising the prospect the result.
  2. The big pain point you're solving.
  3. The unique solution and discovery of the unique solution.
  4. The benefits.
  5. How it works.
  6. The value build.
  7. The price.
  8. Guarantees.
  9. Scarcity.
  10. And finally the CTA.

Having these basic elements will help develop the message of your offer.

2. Are you getting enough Clicks

Tons of marketers get traffic but don’t get enough data or don’t even know their cost per acquisition or cost per lead numbers…

And because of this, they change the sales page or even shut their source of traffic too early.

So make sure you first fully understand how many clicks you should expect before making any changes.

As a general rule of thumb, I always wait for at least 1000 clicks before making any decisions or changes.

And here's the thing…

When you make changes on your landing page you only want to focus on making one change at a time, otherwise, you won’t know what worked.

And, Here’s what you should focus on changing..

Which usually are the headline or your offer.

Once you've made these changes and have sent traffic but still have no result, keep working on these until you see your conversions improve.

Aiming for around 0.5% - to a really good conversion of 2% and above.

3. What’s the message at the front End

Does your message at the front end connect with the landing page you're sending them to?

Or is the intent behind the click enough for the person to buy?

because depending on what pre-frame is required for your prospects to buy, or take an action is EVERYTHING behind what happens after the click.

For example.
If you have a Google keyword that’s got a very high purchase intent such as…

Hiring a plumber for leaks.

Or even garden hose to buy.

It's going to have a lot of weight behind it, because of the intention behind why they're searching those terms.

Or let's say you're running Facebook ads and your ad communicates to an audience that hates having yellow teeth.

Your message says something about a new discovery of teeth whitening, this is going to pre-frame that person ready to check out your offer.

So if your message isn’t delivering on that promise or isn’t resonating with that audience, then consider changing the angle of the ad to best match your landing page.

4. The demographics

Before sending a message to your prospects, you want to get clear on the demographics, here are a few questions to consider to help identify your ideal demographic:

  1. who are they?
  2. Do they have enough money?
  3. Are they the right age?
  4. Are they in the right location?

All these are just the basics, but you’d be surprised how many people miss this out…

You would probably find it difficult to convert a busy housewife who hates fishing, to buy a fishing rod.

Not saying they won't convert, just saying you would be taking the path of most resistance.

where you should always take the path of LEAST resistance.

5 how much testing have you actually done

Now, I don’t want to tell you it’s easy and you’ll get conversion through some magic method.

Because the truth is… it’s hard and requires a lot of failing and falling down until you know what works.

And it’s not something you’ll find in a book or a guru telling you a strategy.

It’s about getting your hands dirty and throwing what you have at the wall and finding what sticks…

I Didn’t want to use any profanity...but I'm sure you get the point.

Because success with conversions comes with a lot of testing and figuring out what works.

And until you do enough falling down you won't figure out the game of how to get your clicks to convert.

Bonus Hack: learn copywriting or hire a copywriter

Copywriting is what really gets the conversions.

And learning more about psychology, and getting into the conversation of your prospects minds.

Articulating your message in a persuasive emotional way is what compels people to take the action you want them to do.

Especially if you’re asking them to pull out a credit card and make a purchase.

Or even a booking, let's face it, booking for a free consultation generally means a sales pitch, so to get someone on the phone takes a lot of emotional persuasion.

So either hire out a good copywriter o start studying copywriting and start making copy fast.

It’s what’s going to move your business forward and take everything to the next level.

If you think I have missed anything or if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.