How To Build A Sales Funnel To Make Selling Easy (5 Proven Frameworks)

In this article, I’m going to reveal how to build a sales funnel to make selling easy with these 5 Proven Frameworks.

Even if you have ZERO business or marketing experience because each framework can be tailored to your specific needs.

By the end of this article, you will have the best strategies you can implement immediately for turning prospects into customers without wasting time.

framework #1: Testing cold audience Traffic

Testing cold audience traffic is suitable for people who are just starting out and are testing a product or service to see if it works.

Because ultimately you MUST get your message to match the audience for everything to work.

And this framework is designed to help with this and the best thing is it’s the quickest thing to test.

Now, I have Facebook PPC, Pinterest, Blogs, YouTube Instagram basically having an omnipresence.

Then once I built my message I like to try out this message with all my audiences, but also using a lead generation campaign on Facebook PPC using a single Opt-In that links to a series of emails.

Diagram showing steps for a cold audience testing funnel
Easy to build, Use if you are new to online marketing and need to know what the market responds to

I then get my subscribers to respond and get feedback from the initial value from the lead magnet, to find out what works and doesn’t.

the benefits of driving testing cold traffic

What is good about this is that not only am I collecting emails I’ve got this list as my asset.

I can send them offers when I’m ready to advance my funnel, and also, you can use this list to add to Facebook to create a lookalike audience or even retarget.

But for me perhaps best of all, You own the LAND!

If social goes tomorrow, this list will be yours to keep and this simple testing campaign is so easy to build out.

Especially if you're new to online marketing and just need to figure out what the market responds to, this framework helps with doing just that.

Framework #2: Cold traffic connection to the offer

Here is when you have part or all of your product setup and have all the tech side done with taking payments.

All you need to do is have multiple ads direct to the offer page and it gives the best feedback from the market.

Anyone willing to pull out a credit card and pay for what you have is your best audience!

And all you're doing in this funnel, is taking everyone you have in your cold audience and sending them directly to the offer.

Diagram showing sales framework for cold traffic to the  sales offer
Perfect if your market is ready to buy, and helps you discover FAST if your offer works!

The offer you create here is usually very irresistible, which usually gets people to take an impulsive decision with a big price drop.

I’ve sold many things at 75% off for the first time, and included many amazing bonuses that are hard to refuse.

Then, I take this money and invest it directly back into Facebook PPC.

Framework #3: The gate and the offer campaign or funnel

All you do here is put an opt-in in front of your offer to drive leads and then use the offer as your one-time offer.

This can help lower the cost of your PPC ads and get more traffic to your Offer.

However, this campaign structure is suited to those who have these components and who need to demonstrate value before asking for the sale or giving results in advance.

Because I find depending on what you're selling, going directly to the offer is enough for some people that are ready to buy.

The Gate And The Offer Campaign Or Funnel diagram showing the back and forth steps.
Use if you want to demonstrate value before asking for the purchase, and bring the cost of advertising down

However, some people still need more before making a purchase.

And giving them something from your lead magnet helps demonstrates or shows an experience to pre-frame people to buy.

But saying that…
Once your prospects go through this part of the funnel the email is where you follow up, sending them more value across your emails and asking for the sale through this sequence.

Framework #4: Advanced funnel

The following advanced funnel is suited to those who have their campaign framework running and working and are ready to go for the profit when running PPC Ads.

Because organic traffic is direct financial profit but if you run ads, the purpose is to break even at the ad spend when you acquire a customer.

And getting to profit comes from the back-end offers.

So to help get you there in the shortest time possible, there are two things you can do.

1. add a simple order bump

Basically, you have your offer, lets say at $27, you then would follow a logical order of how you can help them with more to offer and the order bump is where you can do it!

This usually prices a little higher than your main offer, So for me at $27 I have order bumps at $37.

Now, here’s the thing you could potentially see up to 30% of these sells!

That’s absolutely HUGE when you have a high volume of traffic coming through.

2. add an upsell

 And then adding more fuel to the fire with an upsell!

It can be a short video that gives something at high value and is usually priced higher than both the offer and order bump I have one currently at 97$.

Again this can give you a sale of up to 15 to 30% sale increase and I can't say this enough if you don’t do this you’re literally leaving money on the table.

Advanced Funnel sales framework  for people that have converting sales and opt in for order bumps and upsells.
ONLY Use when you have an Opt-in and offer converting and working like clockwork

I mean, they’ve already purchased so why not ask? You're not going to lose them for it!

Now again with this campaign framework, you have the emails that you continue to deliver more value and create more offers.

And remember this, each time you create offers, you begin to get better at writing copy because ultimately copy is what will move your business forward.

Framework #5: the warm audience campaign framework

Now, this is suited for those who have a proven evergreen campaign framework working.

But it’s essentially creating more offers and sending them to emails and warm traffic PPC advertising or even a social platform you have.

The Warm Audience Campaign Framework

You want to start by giving more value helping people achieve their outcomes and sending more offers to these people.

Finding the right framework for you

Most marketing gurus overcomplicate each of these and it’s simply not needed.

Just go through the campaign framework that works best for you.

Where the first funnel is to help test your message and build your audience.

Next is to test if people are willing to pull a credit card and help you with any ad spend.

To then make it all into a sequence that drives leads and sales at the same time.

Leading to getting into high-profit margins down to continuing to build a relationship with your list and sending more offers whilst helping them and making money doing it.

However, if you continue to find you aren't getting good results you may benefit from looking into why you're getting clicks but no conversions.