How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads - Put $1 In Get $3 Out!

If you could put 1 dollar in to get 3 dollars out on Facebook Ads you’ll have a machine that literally prints money on demand to grow your business to the next level.

And whether you're advertising directly to consumers or businesses this is what I’m about to reveal how to get the best ROAS with your Facebook campaigns.

With three ways to turn your ad spend into a cash register.

When Making Money With Facebook Ads

But first…here’s something you need to know…

Most advertisers overly obsess over every single detail in the ads manager.

Such as campaign type, bid strategies, tofu, mofu, bofu and so on…

But here’s the thing…

No matter how much you try to lower your ad costs you‘ll still find that ads fluctuate where one month it’s a feast and another month it’s famine.

With your ROI burning quicker than a crop fire.

However, to avoid this use the following three steps as you won't have to worry about whether Facebook drops your conversions or if impressions cost more than what they’re worth.

Especially if you’re not a pro marketer or copywriter…

Step 1: Earn More Money By Increasing your AOV

Now, no matter what happens with social media changes, let’s say advertisers move to other platforms and prices drop for open opportunities for a time period.

For advertisers to then, all jump back on Facebook.

There will always be fluctuations with advertising costs and you never want to rely on the hope of getting cheap ad spend.

Instead, you want a solid business that sustains you for many years.

That’s why focusing on getting your AOV(Average Order Value) higher is a key integral part of getting more money from the advertising machine.

Because when you increase this and Facebook gets more expensive, that won't matter too much because you’re getting more from your ad spend regardless of the situation.

How To Increase Your FB Ads AOV

So here are two simple but powerful ways to do this.

Which is first if you’re already running a sales page that’s converting.

Add An Order Bump

Is to add a simple order bump that will increase your order value by up to 30%.

Screenshot example of an order bump

And the truth is…

If you don’t do this right now, you are literally leaving money on the table!

where you can increase your profits pretty much instantly by doing this.

Where you’ll have more room to spend on advertising.

I mean people are already gonna buy and it’s not going to put any one off from buying!

So essentially…

Order bumps are usually higher priced than the original sales offer.

So for me…

I have a website where I sell in volume with offers from $7 - $27 front end and order bumps at around $37.

But another example let’s say you sell software for $47, you can add an upgrade or additional yearly package add-ons for $67.

But basically take something within your product or service and add onto what you already sell.
Then another way to increase the AOV…

Add An Upsell

Now I’m not kidding when I say this, but if you haven’t got one already upsells will revolutionize your income once you have this up, on average you can increase your AOV by another 15 to 30%.

Now, Upsells are placed after someone makes a purchase, and is usually priced higher than both the offer and order bump.

Fb add funnel with order bump and upsell diagram

Upsells I price at are between $67 - $197 but again this is how I price it, yours could be from $27 all the way to $997.

This is not set and depends on the value of what you create for your customer.

Now, upsells are a little bit more complicated than an order bump and does require more copywriting skills to create one.

Because It’s usually in a form of a video or a written sales page, but can you already see how much you’ll add to the advertising machine?

What would your revenue look like for you if you could add another 30% from order bumps to your current Facebook ads and a further 30% in upsells?

This is how you start to turn the advertising machine into a cash machine.

Putting dollars into ads and turning them into 1000s.

Now, before moving to the next step…

I just want to mention when you create order bumps and upsells they must follow a logical process of what you're selling.

So if you’re selling cooking equipment, you would upsell recipe books and supplies of cooking materials.

However, Next is something that if you’re not doing I really want you to consider doing this, because I wouldn’t ever rely solely on social media…

Step 2: Get Your Prospects Emails And Follow Up

Now the whole debate about whether email marketing is dead or not is absolute garbage in my opinion.

The people telling you this are trying to sell a course and indoctrinate you into their thinking.

So DO NOT listen to this advice, because here’s the thing...

Would you rather rent the land or own the land?

If social dies tomorrow you will lose all the work and subscribers in an instant.

But with email, you’ll not only follow up with prospects but keep them in your sales funnel for life or until they unsubscribe.

So if you’re not already getting people into a list find ways to sign up your prospects even if you sell directly to Facebook.

Because people who visit your sales page and leave, you could have more opportunities to sell them over and over again without paying for the traffic again.

Diagram showing Facebook ad to sales page to email funnel.

Which Increases your chances of making more money from the dollars you put into the advertising machine.

So let’s say you run a sales conversion ad directly to a sales page, simply put a pop-up on the page if they try to leave, then follow up.

The Importance Of Following Up

But, if you're already doing lead generation on Facebook ads then you should already have a follow-up in place.
Because the truth is.

The follow-up is where most of your sales will come from, and the goal of setting up your autoresponder, is to deliver more helpful value that helps your subscriber achieve their desired goal.

Because even when you put a One-time offer page after people opt-in only 1-2% of these people will buy.

Most of the sales come from the follow-up and email broadcasts.

So for every penny, you put into advertising, you want to make sure you squeeze all the juice from the Orange.

Now to quickly mention if you don’t have an autoresponder email system then the one I use is GetResponse.

Because for me I’m a very visual person and it lets me visually build email campaigns

Step 3: Tweak And Optimize Through Split Testing

Now split testing is a way to find the fastest way to either increase your current ROI or test something new to get your page to convert.

And here’s the thing, you’re not spending more money on Facebook ads which means.

You’re optimizing your funnel to get twice as many conversions whilst spending the same amount of money.

So again for every dollar, you put in you're essentially doubling, trebling, or even quadrupling the output of the machine.

And that’s what A’/B split testing is about.

Now, when you split test, it’s important you ONLY split test ONE thing at a time!

  • If it’s a headline ONLY test the headline.
  • If it’s a button, only the button.
  • Or if it’s the offer then again ONLY change the offer.

Do not do multiple changes when running a test because you need to know what worked, and if you do multiple changes how do you know what’s working?

What You Should Test And Optimize

Now, what I recommend you test are the things that scream not whisper.

So things such as button colors or layouts will NOT have a powerful effect on your customer as these are whispers.

But your headline is one of the most important things to hook your audience in.

It’s the first thing they see, and it determines whether they’ll read more or not.

And then the next thing I recommend is the offer.

If you’ve tried headline changes and it doesn’t make much of a difference the offer is where you should focus.

How To Earn Even More From Facebook Ads

So with this said...

Once you nail each of these steps, I guarantee it’s gonna change the way you advertise and will grow your business to the next level.

But if you’ve tried any of these steps before or when trying them you still don’t see the growth in your profits…

Then this could be because of the copy within each of the steps.

Because the words you convey to your audience are the key to conversions.

This is why I recommend doing copywriting exercises so you can write better in just 30 days.

I also recommend looking into Facebook ads targeting and how to write Facebook ad headlines.