Two Methods How To Run Facebook Ads Without A website

The short answer: You can run your Facebook ads without having a website including messenger and engagement campaigns.

However, there are limits to what you can do when running your ads without a website because campaigns such as traffic, conversions to sales pages, leads to opt-in pages, and store traffic campaigns all require some form of a website or even at least a third party funnel system such as lead pages.

I always HIGHLY recommend you get a website up and running if you don’t already have one.

Having your website has so many benefits, including owning the space.

If social media goes tomorrow your website will always be around because it’s yours.

But saying that, the following methods can be used for your selling without a website.

Method 1: Messenger campaigns

Messenger campaigns can be run to drive people straight to your messenger inbox.

Then you can directly send messages to get there a contact number or any additional information required for your business.

Screenshot of showing how to select messenger ads in facebook.

Here’s how you set up a messenger campaign part 1:

1. Click the green create button.

2. Select messages.

Screenshot from facebook ad manager showing steps for clicking create and selecting messenger ads

3. Here you can name your campaign.

4. I would always name it so you can always recognise the campaign, because if you get a lot of other campaigns set up it can get messy and confusing.

5. Click continue…

6. Leave everything alone in the campaign and if you have campaign budget optimisation Switched on id say turn this off and set your budget at the ad set level.

Screenshots showing messages campaign labels and campaign budget optimization settings.

7. Then you want to make sure you have the ad type set to click to message.

8. Select your page.

Screenshot showing in messager  facebook ad selecting messenger and type and facebook page

9. On budget and scheduling it depends on your overall budget you can run as low as $5 dollars a day.

10. I don’t usually have a start date or end date I run the ad from a daily perspective.

Set up a messenger campaign part 2: define your audience

1. You should already have this information at hand at knowing your prospect.But a good recommendation if your local is to set your location locally, and if your international set to the big 4, Usa, Uk, Austrailia, and Canada.

Screenshot of selecting audience location for facebook messenger ad

2. A good thing to try is to leave your targeting open or broad.

3. You can leave placements on automatic, facebook AI will optimise and find your best prospect and where to place the ad.

4. Press next.

5. Here you can choose an image, video, or even carousel, I’d say its up to you but I would start with a single image.

6. Setup your ad creative and copy, this all depends on your industry, You want to make sure your copy compels people to send you a message.

Screenshot of facebook ad creative required text fields for messenger ad

7. Then with the call to action leave it as send message.

8. And that’s it you can publish it, and you’ve done the ad!

From there make sure you have a good conversation flow to get your prospect to give you information that helps you make a sale.

Method 2: Engagement campaigns

Engagement ads and campaigns are powerful for increasing brand exposure and for getting in front of your prospects.

They're also very good for when you do eventually set up a website or use third-party software such as lead pages.

Because you can specifically use engagement campaign data to retarget for sale conversions or leads.

Here’s how to quickly set this up

Screenshot of selecting engagement campaign in facebook ads

1. Click create.

It’s up to you what type of engagement you want, I usually go for post engagement when I want to retarget.
Or if you want social proof for your facebook page then click page likes.

2. Then next label your campaign.

3. Press continue.

4. Again leave everything alone and press next.

5. Set your budget to what you want to spend, again you can do as little as 5 dollars or even a dollar a day.

6. On audience select your country and again can leave the interest targeting wide open.

7. Placements keep that automatic.

Screenshots showing example of selecting identity and post for ad creative for engagement ad.

8. Select your Facebook page.

9. In the Ad setup use create ad or if you have an existing post select that.

10. Add your ad creative image and copy.

11. The call to action leave it as no button.

12. Click publish and you’re done!

something to note

If you’re seeing the new updated interface when you click create.

All Facebook has done is bundle together the campaign objectives, to access messages on this interface…

Screenshot showing how to set up messenger ads in new interface.

1. Click engagement.

2. Go straight to the ad set.

3. Click messaging apps.

4. And everything should pop up as normal.

Screenshot showing how to select engagement ads with new interface.

5. And for engagement post likes.

6. Click on your ad.

7. And on the dropdown menu of engagement type.

8. You’ll see post-engagement there.