How To Sell Online Courses With This NEW Facebook Ads Strategy

In this article, I’m going to show you how to easily sell online courses with Facebook ads without being a copywriter or advanced marketer.

The advantages of selling online courses with facebook ads

There’s no inventory, no overheads, no staff to deal with, and there’s so much potential for scale when selling online courses with Facebook ads.

And when you have a successful campaign running on Facebook, you can go from a small budget to highly profitable very quickly.

Avoid these mistakes when selling online courses

Most people when they start selling courses begin by spending a lot of hours creating the course, even spending months doing this.

Then paying for platforms to host the course or building their website, and use a lot of their budget to set all of this up.

And then they finally set up their Facebook ad campaigns, and launch them to discover no one is interested!

Nothing works the way they expected or even if they get sales, the cost of advertising is a lot more than what their course is worth, causing them to make a loss.

Another big mistake is creating the course before you make the sales page!

I would always highly recommend you first create your sales page before creating your course.

And then when you have all of your systems in place I would then only create a part of the course and drip parts of its content, only creating more if someone purchases.

You don’t want to waste time creating it if no one is going to buy it.

The truth about selling online courses

If you’re not very good at writing sales copy, then trying to get multiple sales is going to be tough.

You see, your sales copy is the cornerstone to converting cold audiences fast but it requires a high amount of skill to write good copy.

Strategy to make sales without being a top copywriter

To overcome making sales without being a copywriter, before ever creating your course or Facebook ads.

You want to start by creating a short template of where your ideal customer is at and where they want to be.

This is similar to what frank kern teaches in the escape and arrival technique.

Diagram showing layout of frank kerns escape and arrival technique

Then you want to go through each step of getting them to where they want to be.

Then create content teaching them something fast that gets results to prove you can help them.

Essentially taking them down the process of getting your prospect to learn what they need to know.

Example of helping your prospect learn what they need to know

If someone is learning to run Facebook ads to their website, the first thing they’ll need is a website, create a funnel, then run the ads.

escape and arrival technique examples

This can be broken down into smaller pieces such as needing a domain, website hosting, installing wordpress, installing themes, plugins, creating landing pages, creating Facebook campaigns and so on.

Once you have these steps you can identify where you can help them.

Let's say I want to help with creating the landing page, I would build out content videos…or even blogs, showing step-by-step how to help them achieve this first goal.

What you should do with your content

I would then run these videos on Facebook for video views, or engagement.

This will build trust, and authority showing your audience that you can help them get where they want to be.

When you should start making your course

You can then create the course around this, essentially getting them to the final point of teaching them how to get where they want to be.

So, since you had taken people through the process of proving how you can help…

You can use Facebook conversion campaigns to retarget everyone that engaged with your content videos.

Because essentially, This will be a warm audience that’s already seen how you can help them.

However, before running any Facebook ads or creating your courses, research competitors who are selling what you have or will create.

This will help to understand what your perfect customer is buying, and help you identify how you can add a twist to make yours different.

What you should do before selling your courses with Facebook ads

Now even though you take your prospects through a series of helpful videos most courses sell from 297 dollars to 997 dollars and up and trying to sell high-ticket items directly on Facebook is difficult.

I would advise against selling straight to a big price offer such as 497 dollars, instead, take this offer and put this at the upsell and back end, and sell something much cheaper on the front end.

Something that relates to your content at a smaller price such as 7 dollars, 27 dollars, or even 47 dollars.

Because your goal when running your ads should never be about trying to make a profit.

Instead, It’s to break even with your ad spend at the front end and then make your profit on the back end.

Why you should reduce the cost of your front-end offer

If you bring down the cost of your front-end offer it allows you room to figure out the best types of ads to run for testing.

7 dollar offers are a very small break-even point that you can spend twice this amount until you get the sale without hurting your wallet.

What to do when you get sales at a low price point

When you get sales at a low price point you should follow up.

Create a series of emails, giving more help with content videos, blogs, or whichever way you're teaching.

And use your backend to keep offering the course, this is the shortest path to selling your courses.

Further reading to increase your online course sales with facebook ads

Now you know the biggest mistakes to avoid when selling courses online and have a strategy for how to get good results.

I recommend learning more about Facebook ads targeting to reduce your ad spend and find your ideal audience.

You may also benefit from looking into why you are getting clicks but no conversions, how to target your competitors audience, and how to optimize with a low budget.