The ONLY Way How You Should structure Facebook ad campaigns in 2023

In this article I’m going to reveal The ONLY Way You Should structure your Facebook ad campaigns in 2023.

Specifically, I’m going to reveal three campaign structures that will show you exactly a method to make sure you get the most from your ad spend, including common mistakes to avoid.

After spending tens of thousands in advertising and creating many campaigns this method is designed for anyone new to advertising all the way to advanced.

And at the end I will be revealing the best practices for structuring your ads.

The 3 Levels of Facebook Ad Campaign objectives

To start, there are three levels within an objective from setting up your Facebook ad campaigns, Which are:

level 1: The campaign

Screen shot of face book ad campaign layout

level 2: The ad set

Screen shot of facebook ad set settings area

level 3: The ad level.

Screenshot of facebook ad creative and ad level settings

To put this more simply…

The campaign is the outcome or objective you want from the ad, such as purchases, leads, engagement, or even video views…

The ad set level is the targeting, audiences, placements, and setting up of the ad.

Then finally the ad level is the creative, the copy for the video or image you’ll be using to convince your audience of the specific action you want them to take.

Now here’s the thing…

When setting up a campaign structure, I’ve seen tons of businesses setting up their ads the WRONG way…losing money and getting disheartened thinking Facebook ads don't work for them.

biggest mistakes people make

  1. Not using correct objectives and not understanding how they should target their audience.
  2. Not utilizing retargeting correctly.
  3. And the biggest one, treating all campaign structures the same, mixing together all of the different objectives, ads, and ad sets making it complete chaos.

You need to drill into your mind the next time you start your advertising, not all campaigns are equal and you MUST treat them separately!

Doing this will ensure you get the best ROI for your advertising and that’s what the top advertisers are doing and what I've been doing for the best results.

The 3 Best Facebook ad Campaign Structures

So let's break this down so you can get started immediately, there are three campaign structures you need to be doing…

#1 Test campaign

A test campaign is very different from any other campaign, that is done by targeting a cold audience that hasn’t heard of you or your brand.

Which can be used for proof of concept, and testing your offers. What's so great about using this campaign is that it gives you data to understand if you should scale, and builds up your data for retargeting.

The best objective to use is to set it at conversions for leads or purchases.

If you're not restricted to a specific audience size, meaning you can target nationally or internationally, you want to aim for:

  • 3 - 10 ad sets with around 500k - 3 million audience size.
  • 5 - 6 ads in each ad set (testing at least -3 different copy variations and 2 creative variations)
  • Set the budget at ad set level, to give you more control.

I would use the conversion campaign and send traffic directly to an opt-in to test getting the lead and front-end offer.

I’ve also used these campaigns to take people directly to a purchase.

#2 Scaling campaign

After discovering a proof of concept and an offer you know that works, you can now take that offer and scale your ads.

To scale effectively you should:

  • Use 3 - 5 ad sets with a 1-40 million audience size.
  • Use 3 - 5 ads in each ad set to start with.
  • Take the best converting ads or even use new ads in case you have any ad fatigue.

You can set up at the CBO level however, I’ve also seen good results staying at the ad set level if your budget is low.

But remember these campaigns are built for results and scale.

#3 Retargeting campaign

To retarget use the data you’ve built up and show new offers to people who have visited your website including any sort of engagement such as abandoned cart, purchases, leads, and more…

Here you’ll be using 1 -2 ad sets with whatever number you have that’s in your retargeting data.

And showing 1 or 2 ads in each ad set, again it makes sense You can use CBO or at the ad set level.

Facebook Campaign Structure Best Practices

Use each structure depending on where you’re at with your offer and audience…

Keep everything separate and don’t confuse the campaigns.

To utilize the best ads within the ad sets with cold audiences, I've found it best to use creative and copy that sends directly to a lead or purchase.

After discovering the best ads and offers that work.

I then use the retargeting campaigns with a video to help scale for the lowest cost and then retarget those video views at 25% to go directly to my conversion ad.

And similar to scaling I sometimes use the video strategy again in the retargeting campaigns.

Now, if you want any help with any of this let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help.