Three Tricks How To Target Your Competitor's Audience With Facebook Ads

In this article, I’m going to reveal 3 simple but powerful tricks to discover how to target your competitors audience with Facebook ads.

And at the end, you’ll have all the information about your audience that you’ll need to get conversions more quickly when you run your ads.

Using these methods will also shortcut your research, and give you certainty for who exactly you should target when launching your ads in the shortest time possible.

I’m also going to reveal two additional bonuses to find even more competitors so you can increase the amount of targeting information when running your ads.

Trick #1: Target your competitors audience By using your Facebook feed

This first trick is something that no one’s really talking about…

Which is, the ads you already get in your Facebook feed.

When Facebook shows you someone’s ad on your feed, you can see who they're trying to reach.

Screenshot of a facebook ad highlighting the three dots to press to get more info

All you need to do is tap on the three dots at the right-hand corner of the ad, and all the information about who the business is targeting is revealed.

Screen shot of facebook ad after pressing 3 dots highlighting option that says why am i seeing this ad?

It shows you the age group, target audience location, and it reveals all the information about who they're targeting at the interest level.

Facebook ad why am i seeing this ad with highlighted interests

after discovering your target audience its worth considering...

And with that, you can start taking down all the information, because not only will you be using these for your own ads.

It will also help with part of the strategy which I’ll reveal later in this article.

However, here’s the thing…

Some of you might be saying, you don’t get the ads you want from your competitors, or they're not showing up in your Facebook feed.

And if this is true for you…

Then this is where moving on to the next trick will solve this...

Trick #2: trigger Facebooks algorithms to show you your competitors ads.

Doing this will give you the advantage of letting Facebook directly put your competitor's ads in your feed, and that way you can get more specific with discovering their target audience.

So here’s how you can do this

Firstly you want to have a list of competitors already written down,Then go to their websites and start browsing random pages.

If you google your competitors check if they have google ads running and go through their funnel.

Because what you’re doing is triggering the pixel on their site to display ads on your feed.

Use the Facebook ads library

Another powerful way is to go to the Facebook ads library

And search your competitors or even the industries, and click through the ads there and go through the funnel.

Screenshot of facebook ad library highlighting search bar

Once you have done all of this, give it some time as it might not come up immediately but once Facebook picks you up it will start showing you, your competitor's ads.

And then to add more fuel to the fire…

Make sure you immerse yourself into the industry, go into groups and start chatting with other people in those groups.

Get immersed in the conversations around the niche and relevant topics.

All of these things will get Facebook doing the work for you and trigger the algorithm of the ads you want to see.

However, here’s something you should know before doing this

If you go to multiple competitors' sites at once, you will most likely get their retargeted ads…

And one thing you don’t want to do is have your entire feed filled with all these competitors…

Because you won't see what interests they're targeting and will more likely be shown they targeted you based, on going to their site…basically retargeting ads.

But what it will do is allow Facebook to pick up what kinds of websites you visit and what you’re interested in helping the algorithms how more businesses that are similar to what you're searching.

Trick #3: Using the facebook search bar

Another way to find your competitors target audience is by using the Facebook search bar.

This is rarely mentioned but what you can do is type the industry you're looking for, Such as dentist.

And on the search results, it will start to show a few ads for that industry.

Again you can click through to discover their audience, this is more of a way to search the bigger picture of the industry.

So instead of getting specifics, you might just get the general industry niche of the competitors you're searching for.

But again this information holds so much weight when it comes to discovering targeting on Facebook for the perfect audience.

Now before jumping into the bonuses, here’s something you should be thinking about from all of this data.

Besides taking all the interests your competitors are targeting...

ask yourself the following

What’s the pattern your seeing?

Are you noticing there targeting lookalikes?

Are they doing a lot of retargeting?

Pay attention to the answers to these questions and add them as part of your own targeting strategy for the best results.

Because you're getting real feedback to tell you what’s actually working!

Now getting into some bonus tips…

Bonus Tricks To find the best target audience using your competitors

Bonus Trick #1 Using Facebooks ad manager

Using Facebooks ads manager can be used to find more competitors so you can repeat the process with more data if you don’t have many competitors.

So you want to take the information from your competitors and go through the steps for triggering the algorithm.

Here's how to do it…

you can go directly into ads manager, and create any ad, it doesn’t matter we only want to be able to get into ad set targeting.

Then go to detail targeting, and enter in one or more competitors.

screenshot of facebook detailed targeting with examples of how to use
Click Suggestions and you will find a list of interests based on your competitor.

Now click suggestions, and Facebook will show you similar interests to the competitors you've entered.

Take note of all interests and go to their website and ads, then go through the funnel, let all of this data go through the Facebook algorithm.

And perhaps best of all...

Bonus Trick #2 Similar web

Now another BONUS to find even more competitors is to use a website called Similarweb, all you do is take your competitors URL and enter it into the search bar.

Images highlighting how to use similarweb to find competitors interests

Scroll down and it should give you a list of more competitors…

And something to note here, you don’t need the paid version, the free version should be enough data for you to use.

Moving forward with targeting your competitors audience

So that’s it, and I hope you got a good idea of what you need to do, make sure to immerse yourself in groups and consume content and let the algorithm feed you your competitors ads…

Take note of everything you see and create a document full of these ideas.

Let me know by commenting below if I've missed any tips or if you have any questions.

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