Write Facebook Ad Headlines The Right Way (With Templates & Examples)

In this article, I’m going to show you how to write Facebook ad headlines specifically, I’m going to go through…

  • The 5 secrets to making attention-grabbing headlines…
  • Then examples of headlines to model.
  • And then a free 7-proven template you can use to write headlines FAST.

Headlines on Facebook are usually under the image where it’s more visually clear than the primary text above.

Screenshot showing facebook ad creative screen with the headline section being highlighted.

So it’s usually the second thing someone will see after they scroll past the image.

Example of facebook ad headline taken from a real ad zoomed in under the image.

Now the purpose of a headline is to grab attention and get someone to read more.

In the context of a Facebook headline, it’s about grabbing attention and making them want to learn more by reading the rest of the copy, and taking the action that the headline is stating.

Now when you have a completely cold audience that has never heard of you, it's important to really grab their attention.

Because the minds of the users on Facebook are all over the place, maybe watching tv, at work, or sitting in traffic for whatever you know.

And the last thing they want to see is an ad from you or anyone.

the 5 secrets to writing facebook ad headlines

1. make your headline intriguing

Making your headline intriguing and curious opens a loop in the reader's minds which creates a "gap" that they need to fill.

Think about this for a moment…

If a friend said they have a secret to tell you, but will only mention it later when you’re alone, how much anticipation will there be wanting to know?

Would it be on your mind all day until you hear what it is?

This is because it’s opened a pattern in our minds that needs fulfilling.

However, when that pattern gets fulfilled the curiosity disappears causing disinterest.

That’s why in movies there will always be scenes that create curiosity that doesn't close that loop until later.

And if you noticed when they do close the intrigue, they open up with a new intrigue!


  • How john got x without y…
  • 5 secrets they don’t want you to know about
  • The number 1 trick to know if your partner is cheating…

All involve getting the reader to become curious to find out more.

2. add a benefit to the headline

How will what you’re offering benefit the reader?

Now when you intrigue someone, the reader is tuned into the radio station of WIIFM – what’s in it for me.

You always want to make everything about your prospect and how what you have will transform their lives or have some type of benefit.

Such as…
How this smoothie recipe will flush out toxins.

To make it, even more, benefit-driven, go deeper into the benefits and ask how will this help.

So continuing on from this example…
You’ll feel vibrant, happy, and healthy.

And again how will this help...

So you can enjoy life with more passion, and so on.

Note: To avoid getting banned from Facebook ads be careful what language you use when using personal attributes.

However, the more specific you get with the benefit the more it'll compel the reader and adds more of a powerful punch to your headline.

3. add specifics

Being specific can make it more real to the reader's mind.

If I said something general such as lose weight vs drop 3.2lbs in 16 hours, which sounds better?

Now, this example is probably not allowed on Facebook, however, I want to help you understand by being extreme in the example.

Specificity is important and also paints the picture in the reader's mind more vividly.

This has a form of hypnotic effect getting the person to imagine what something means.

4. use copy from your landing page.

This is something most people don’t do…

And I tend to find doing this is a powerful pre-frame because if someone clicks the link in your ad because of the text from your landing page, that person will be very interested in what you have to offer in the actual opt-in or sales page.

This can make the message of what you're offering more clear.

5. Keep it simple and easy to understand

You don’t need to be too clever in your headline, and because of endless attention grabbing things happening around your prospects.

They haven't got the time to try and think about what you mean, so avoid confusion, and keep everything easy to understand.

Facebook ad headline examples

To make applying the above tips easier, here are examples of headlines and how you can model them yourself.

Because you always want to find what already works, finding out who's grabbing attention and what they're promising.

This is the shortest path to finding winning headlines.

But I say model don’t steal.

example headline by kevin rodgers

#1 Trick Kevin Roger Uses to nail his copy everytime…

What is the number 1 trick? It create curiosity and it’s something that you could benefit from if it’s a trick.

Kevin Rogers uses his name because he's an authority in his field.

Nails his copy every time

Nails his copy every time is implying you can learn the same trick and have a method you could probably nail your copy with.

So modeling something like this could be…

The #1 Tip [insert name] Does To Rank SEO Blogs Without Fail

example headline by frank kern

Create campaigns that sell…

What I love about this by Frank Kern is how simple and easy it is to understand, and tells you specifically what he gives you.

It’s basically to the point and makes people curious by thinking how does this work?

So hopefully you have a good idea by this point how to write Facebook ad headlines, but to help you speed this up…

7 proven templates you can use to write headlines FAST

  1. Get Your FREE…..
  2. The Easy Way To….
  3. Tired Of…..
  4. Discover How To… Without…
  5. Don’t Let….Stop You, Here’s How To Fix It
  6. 7 Ways To…
  7. How To….Twice As Fast

Use them next time you write your headline and I guarantee they’ll make a difference.

Moving forward, make the most of your ads

I’m always a person about moving FAST and letting your audience decide what works.

And the way you can really know what works is by chucking up your headline fast and changing and testing to find what works.

Don’t procrastinate on any of this take what you have and implement it ,the market favours those who move the quickest.

Now with all of that said after implementing it, if you're still not getting results, you may also be interested to know why your ads aren't converting and how to target with Facebook ads.