What All Facebook Advertisers Ought To Know About Broad Targeting

In this article, I'm going to reveal the top Facebook ads audience you should be using, what broad targeting is, and how to use the algorithm to scale this audience.

And whether you should ditch interest-based targeting altogether.

What is broad targeting

Broad targeting is either using a broad interest, examples could be:

  • Marketing.
  • Yoga.
  • Bikes.
  • Fishing.

And you would place it at the top of your funnel running too cold audiences.

Then you have Open broad targeting.

This is when you let Facebook target all of their platform with No interests or lookalike audiences, or anything placed at this level.

However, you can exclude emails, purchases, and engagements and you do have rough targeting guidelines such as age, location, and gender.

Screenshots of create new audience  and detailed targeting being left blank and with gender age and location setitngs for open broad facebook ad settings.

And the thing is…

When using open targeting the algorithm spends your money where it thinks your prospect is more likely to be.

The Algorithm Is Smart - Why you should leverage it

Logically it may seem like it would help Facebook to tell them what to target which a few years ago was true.

However, now Facebook's AI is getting very advanced!

Open targeting has been currently producing some of the best results with interest targeting.

Facebooks objective is to give people the best experience and give users the content they want to see so they stay on the platform.

And this is what the algorithm is designed to do.

It tracks everything you do, it has so much data that some would say its quite scary.

But all of this is teaching the algorithm about each and every user, so when you leave Facebook's algorithm unrestricted with all of this data.

The next benefit of this is that Scalability is easy

It makes scaling easier because When you open your targeting, scalability is huge compared to scaling with an interest.

Because Facebook will always be able to look for more people who are like your buyers.

And as you continue to keep your creative fresh and not let this fatigue Facebook can continue to scale with open targeting more effortlessly.

And quite frankly, since interests and lookalike audiences have a limit to their audience sizes.

These can burn out a lot quicker, which is especially true if you have large budgets.

But with an open target to search the entire platform you're talking millions and millions of users, that it's searching continuously.

Should you give up on audience testing

The simple answer is no, you should NOT give up on audience testing.

You still want to test multiple audiences and lookalikes.

What I always believe is to test as much as you can and do a mix of both because what works for me or anyone else will be different for you.

And that’s the biggest takeaway when trying out open targeting and broad targeting.

You never want to take one thing and create a bias towards another.

Interests and lookalikes maybe superior for you as opposed to open and broad targeting.

Just like some campaigns, I run have still got better results than using open targeting.

Taking your facebook targeting to the next level

Now you know the advantage of using broad targeting, you may be interested in learning more about Facebook ads targeting.

How to target a competitors audience and how to retarget.