Why Aren't My Facebook Ads Converting? (7 Tips To Fix This FAST!)

If you're wondering why aren't your Facebook ads converting, well in this article I'm going to reveal 7 Tips to fix this fast.

Some in a way you wouldn't expect that also show common mistakes to avoid.

#1: Is your Facebook ad message matching your landing page or is the landing page compelling

Now firstly, if you have a mismatch between the promise on your ad and where you’re sending them to, this can be a big factor as to why your ads aren't converting.

Let’s say for example…
You make a promise on your ad for a free template for healthy smoothies, but instead, it leads them to something different.

This can cause your prospect to not only leave the landing page but also annoy them, which will drop your ad score.

And when you drop your ad score, this can increase the cost of your advertising.

Or another messaging problem can be…
Your headline doesn't capture your prospect's attention and doesn't follow on the promise, they won't continue to read…

To fix this take your ad message and hook, and change the landing page to make sure you have the same message that delivers on the promise of your ad.

Also, tweak the headline even creating a split test.

You want to look for making between 40 – 60% conversion on the optin or if it’s a direct sales page a 1 - 3% conversion rate.

However, it's important when testing your ads, to only test one thing at a time and if this doesn’t work, tweak your offer to make it more valuable to your prospect.

#2: Have you set the correct objective

Now, I’ve seen many businesses that set their objectives the wrong way.

They sometimes lead people with a traffic objective hoping to get a conversion.

If you’re doing this then you want to immediately turn this off and set any conversions to the conversions or leads objective.

Because each objective you select in Facebook is telling the AI and algorithm to focus on generating that particular outcome you're asking.

So if it’s set to traffic, it will optimize its AI to find people who only click thru to landing pages or websites rather than converting.

If it’s set to engagement it will only focus on people who like, share and consume content.

But if you set the Facebook objective to the conversions campaign, then the algorithm will focus on people who are more than likely ready to convert.

Now you will see your cost go up but you’ll also see the conversions go up.

#3: Increasing your Average order value

Even though increasing your average order value isn't directly increasing conversions in a way that you may expect.

It increases your break-even point allowing for a larger budget for each conversion.

As Facebook gets more advertisers on it’s platform with increasing competition, your chances of getting cheap conversions or lots of conversions decrease.

So focusing on adding to your current sales offer is key here, try adding a simple order bump.

Let’s say you have a product that costs 27 dollars, you can add a simple order bump at 37 dollars increasing the value of your customer’s CPA.

And at the same time...

I would also add an upsell after they purchase, the upsell and order bump have a chance of getting between a 15 -30% conversion rate.

Trust me when I say this…

If you don’t add an order bump or upsell you’re leaving money on the table.

#4: Are you utilizing your winning ads?

Let’s say you have or had a winning ad and found that its results are decreasing fast, I suggest you do is two things here.

The first is to take that same ad set and duplicate it either at the campaign or ad set level and decrease or even increase the budget.

This will reset the ad and will optimise for the conversion again.

Because anything could have affected the ad, such as seasonal changes in the prospects buying patterns and Facebooks AI needs another restart.

And what else you can do is something I do quite often.

Second, I sometimes switch the ad off for a few weeks and then restart the ad from a new campaign and have seen my results increase again.

#5: Are your Ads fatiguing

If your frequency is high and Facebook has shown the same ad over and over again, have you changed the creative?

Some people think they can create an ad and leave it up for a long time and sit back and let the results roll in, this is simply not true!

That ad will always eventually fatigue as it’s shown to multiple audiences across Facebook.

So here’s how to fix this…
You want to always update your ad creative to increase conversions! And don’t let your frequency go above 2 in the conversion campaigns.

This means that you don’t want your ads shown more than twice to the same person.

All you’re doing is creating a new image, going into the ad level, and replacing the current image.

#6: Are you leveraging your best audiences

Once you start to build up your data across Facebook, on your website, email list, purchases and even video views.

Are you taking these top audiences, and creating lookalikes from them?

Because your best audience will always come from people who already know like and trust you and your brand.

And taking those people and getting Facebook to look for those exact same people and adding them to the top of your funnel is the fastest path to getting the best conversions.

I’ve personally always seen my best conversions come from my lookalike audiences.

All you do is take those engaged people, especially if you already have a purchase list.

Upload them to Facebook's custom audience and can create the lookalike from the best countries that suit your audience.

#7: Are you following up

Now this here is what most people don’t do!

And it’s probably where 95% of my sales comes from.

Your follow-up is the cornerstone of getting those people who go through to your list to buy.

Now what most don’t realise is that on average it takes up to 90 days before your email subscribers take you up on your offer.

So let’s say you spend a thousand dollars in ads and you don’t see ROAS the way you intended.

You may not realise that all of your sales can start happening 90 days from the original ads you ran.

This is where you really re-coup your money and what you should do if you want to grow your business and get multiple sales in the future.

Because the REAL goal of advertising is not to make a profit on the front end but to only break even on the ad spend.

All the profit will come from the offers you create down the funnel, the sequence of your emails, and the broadcasting of new offers.

Additional resources for increasing your conversions

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