Why You Should Stack Your Interest Targeting On Facebook Ads Now!

In this article, I'm going to reveal why you should stack your interest targeting on Facebook ads.

And I’m going to show you the TRUTH behind why this doesn’t matter as much as most marketers might think and where your focus should be.

Separating interests is something that I believe has changed a lot since the old days of running Facebook ads.

Because as the algorithm gets smarter things have changed, especially now Facebook tracking has gone haywire since Post IOS.

Today I mostly stack all of my interests after testing multiple ways of doing it.

But before getting into stacking your interests, there are single types of interests I recommend such as using broad targeting, which is getting better and better.

And using Open targeting is another that’s working very well.

What advertisers used to do

Now, in the past most advertisers and myself, use to do single ad sets containing individual interests.

And the idea behind it was that by separating interests you could see which interests were performing so you could turn off the underperformers and ramp up the interests that were working.

However, through lots of practice and following Facebook's updated best practices I’ve found this to be very different today.

Today, Combing your audiences seems to be working well over separating them and there are multiple reasons why you might want to consider doing this aswell.

4 Reasons why you should stack and combine your audience

#1 Audience size

When you have a large audience size on Facebook you're opening the algorithm to work more effectively without limiting it.

Facebook’s algorithm wants to work across as many people as possible to figure out who to show your ads to.
This helps to optimise your ads faster with a bigger audience.

And here’s the thing…

When you open the size of the audience, this will help the algorithm get you more results or conversions and helps you get out of the learning phase faster.

#2 the AI is smart

Facebook objective is about giving people the best experience and giving content they want to see.

They basically show people what they want, because they want the user to have a good experience and they're not going to show people things that make them leave the platform.

They're obviously gonna give the user the best experience so they always keep coming back on and this is what the algorithm is designed to do.

It tracks everything you do, it has a lot of data that some would say its quite scary.

But all of this is teaching the algorithm about each and every user.

And when you increase the size of your audience by stacking your interests, it no longer restricts Facebook's algorithm with all this data to use.

#3 Scalability is easy

When you increase the size of your targeting, scalability is huge compared to a single interest scale.

And as you continue to keep your creative fresh and prevent ad fatigue, Facebook can continue to scale.
And quite frankly…

Since you’re not separating your interests your ads won't burn out quickly especially true if you have large budgets.

#4 it can get VERY expensive separating your audience

If you have 30 different interests and you're putting individual budgets on each of these, this can get very expensive.

But by stacking those interests…

Similar to CBO when you have a single budget across all of these ad sets it will work out a lot better and cheaper than you might think.

The truth about where you should focus

What’s really important to focus on, is not about whether you should isolate interests.

But instead, your focus should be on testing creatives, hooks, angles, and your copy.

Even the after-click experience such as your landing page copy and your offer is the true successful path with advertising.

And trying to get overly technical and think about every little thing can get overwhelming and lead to wrong decisions.

Diagram showing all of the different elements to focus on with advertising

This leads me to mention something important here…

Because no matter who tells you to stack your audience or separate your interests only you will know what works best for you.

Don’t ever become biased by one idea, I’m a strong believer in getting your hands dirty and testing!

Because this is the true path to discovering what works.

You need to think like a scientist and do lots of testing until it works.

What you should also consider

Now that you know the reasons why you should stack your interests, you may also want to learn more about how long you should run your ads and how to avoid audience overlap.

I especially recommend that you check out how to target with Facebook ads to lower your costs and find your ideal audience.