How To Increase Facebook Ads Daily Spending Limit (Dos & Don’ts)

In this article, I’m going to show you how to increase Facebook ads daily spending limit including what you should do and avoid, specifically about Facebook’s automatic limits.

Now I do want to mention that ad accounts limit are temporary, especially if you’re a new advertiser it’s very normal to have a spending limit on your ad account.

However, there are things you can do to speed up the process and increase your limit.

But first why is there a spending limit?

You may have the option to increase your account spending limit, however if you don’t this is usually down to two BIG reasons.

The first is to help prevent fraud, in case someone is using a stolen card and spending the money in quick lump sums.

Facebook will only allow small transactions over time to make sure they're aware of the cards being used over time.

Especially for new advertisers, they have to stop any big spending in case there’s any fraud being done.

The second reason why there can be a spending limit is that they want to know if you’re a trustworthy advertiser.

Facebook doesn’t want to risk you spending 1000 dollars and then closing your account and never using the account again leaving Facebook out of pocket.

So to stop this from happening they’ll take small amounts first which builds trust over time, and then they will start increasing your spending limits.

3 mistakes to avoid when you want to increase your daily spending limit

1. Don’t Ever let any failed payments happen

If you ever fail to make a payment Facebook will tread cautiously with your advertising account, I recommend using multiple payment methods in case something happens with your payments.

You never know if you will have a problem with your card, Paypal account, or whichever method you’re using, it’s always best to reduce the risk by having those multiple payment methods in case something goes wrong.

2. Don’t spend erratically

Let’s say you spend 10 dollars a day then you switch off your campaign, start spending 40 dollars on a new campaign and then you keep switching campaigns.

Facebook will wonder what’s happening and why it's happening.

So, to avoid any problems with this, stay consistent with a daily spend for at least 5 -7 days on the campaign.

Let the campaign run and show the AI you’re a consistent advertiser that works with campaigns the correct way.

3. Don’t have multiple disapproved ads or a disabled account

Having multiple ads disapproved or an account disabled can show Facebook you're not a trustworthy advertiser, this may prevent them from increasing your spending limit.

Even if you get your account back, this can cause Facebook to slow down the process.

3 Tips for speeding up the process of increasing your spending limit

1. Run small budget engagement campaigns for at least a few weeks

Running a small-budget engagement campaign whether it’s for page likes, post engagement, or even video views, just To get your account "warmed up."

You don’t need to spend much just be consistent and build up trust with the platform so they will increase your spending limit.

2. Talk to a Faccebook rep

When you’ve run a few campaigns and spent money on ads, you’ll usually get assigned a free rep to speak to.

When offered a rep I recommend that you arrange a call and let them know you want to spend more on the platform and they should be able to help you.

3. Pay your ad balance before it reaches the spending limit

Facebook uses its AI to determine who and when someone should get their spending limits increased.

And if you keep paying the balance early, Facebook will pick this up and start allowing you to have a larger spending limit.