5 Algorithm Hacks To Increase Facebook Engagement Ads In 2023 & Beyond

In this article, I’m going to reveal 5 Algorithm breakthroughs to increase Facebook engagement In 2023 which are...

  1. Create Connection style posts.
  2. Follow With Value Posts.
  3. Follow each post with Engagement questions or call to actions.
  4. Use video content when possible.
  5. Interact with your followers.

Specifically, I’m going to show you how to quickly get high amounts of reach and engagement across your ads and Facebook page.

I'm also going to reveal how to take your engagement ad data and use a style of posts to drive sales and leads at the lowest cost possible.

So if you'd like to know how with real examples, read on.

When should you use engagement ads?

Usually, I only use the engagement ads as part of a bigger strategy, I don’t use them for the sake of getting likes or comments…

Because for every penny I spend on advertising, I’m always calculating how to put it back into my business…
Because essentially, it's what keeps a business alive.

And part of what I’m going to show you was inspired by Frank Kern, and is a bigger strategy to:

  1. Help test a message.
  2. To gather the most powerful audience.
  3. To make sales and leads from all the effort you put into the engagement ads.

But something I want to mention before you use the engagement campaign.

Facebook has evolved over the years, the algorithm has gotten a lot smarter.

So, if you're wanting to get ONLY sales and LEADS then I suggest you leverage the Facebook AI and use those exact campaigns in the way they're intended for.

Because if you want a sale or lead, Facebooks AI will ONLY start looking for that specific objective you tell it to, so it will find your best prospect or customer for your business.

But with that said…

Screenshot of setting up facebook engagement ad

The Facebook engagement campaign can be powerful when you use it the right way.

Why would you use engagement ads?

If you have a small budget and need to test your message or if you went straight to the conversions events and you don’t know if your message will work.

This can get very expensive on a tight budget.

And engagement ads at the minute are the cheapest way possible to get in front of your audience.

Another thing to consider, does your business require more brand exposure or social proof?

Not every business needs this, it all depends on your industry, how much your product or service costs, and so on.

But if you require more interaction and page growth before you ask for the sale, then engagement ads could be right for you.

But with all this said, Let's get into each engagement ad algorithm hack starting with…

1. Create Connection style posts

Creating content posts goes a bit beyond hacking the Facebook algorithm.

Because it's a powerful way to get your prospects fully connected and bonded with your business and brand on an emotional level.

And when you get your prospect to connect at this level, they're more likely to make more purchases.

But what’s good about doing this with Facebook posts, is that it gets your users to share your content.

Which Facebook’s primary objective is to get its users to stay on its platform, and continue interacting with its platform.

And when you help Faceook do this…

Facebook in return rewards your posts by giving you cheaper ads with more reach.

How To Create Content posts

To create content posts, you want to create posts that inspire, encourage, and motivate people.

Because, as studied by Harvard on driving consumer behaviors

They found the high-impact emotional motivators that drive consumers to buy.

And these are the 10 motivators that have the highest impact, which starts with the...

I am inspired by a desire to…

And then it follows to the desire of what motivates people such as…

Feeling a sense of belonging - Having an affiliation with people they relate to or aspire to be like; feeling part of a group.

You could use this in a post such as…

We entrepreneurs work hard to achieve greater things in life, and every step you take whether big or small, know it’s a step and it won't be long until you reach where you want to be, and as we stand together we can take these steps to achieve them faster…

Now, This was just a quick example, but it inspires and makes people feel there are others just like them, giving them a sense of belonging.

And it’s these kinds of posts that can be very powerful and the more of these motivators you use, the more bonding you’ll create.

Which will get people sharing, liking, and commenting.

But with that said, you also need substance with your engagement ads, you don’t want to keep giving fluff.

Which leads to the next hack…

2. Follow up With Value Posts

Follow up posts hold longer attention, increase the watch time, and gets people engaging by helping them with some form of result, this also creates more credibility and authority.

So following from posts that connect emotionally, you're now going to give a demonstration of creating posts that teach something that helps your prospect get a result.

Now here’s the thing with this…

You don’t need to go into long details, just give some value that your prospect can use that helps them with their desired results.

It can be a simple couple of lines in a post or even a short video tutorial, but the key is to provide value and demonstrate how you can help them.

So if it’s helping someone with a yoga pose, you can show them a unique easy way to do this.

Or if it's helping someone with back pain it could be a demonstration of something they could do to help with stretching…

In this case, I did a quick test with my own page…

Screenshot showing create custom audience in facebook ads

Where I was creating watch time video view engagement ads and I made a simple video helping with writing emails to help with sales.

Screenshots showing how to set up custom audience based on video view engagement and duration percentage.

However, a simple one-line sentence with a 10-minute video can get enough video plays to run a retargeting campaign or create a lookalike.

The duration of the video could be as long as 30 minutes or as short as a minute, the main thing is that you're giving value and helping your audience achieve their desired result.

3. Follow up each post with engagement Questions Or call to actions

After you create your how to posts, or connection posts you want to now get the most from your engagements by doing one or both of the following two things…

  1. Follow with an open-ended question.
  2. Follow with a call to action…

Because firstly when you ask open-ended questions this will get your audience to comment, like or share, your ads.

And the more engagement your ads have, the more Facebook will promote your ad by giving you reach at lower costs.

So if we take the example from earlier…

We entrepreneurs work hard to achieve greater things in life, and every step you take whether big or small, know it’s a step and it won’t be long until you reach where you want to be, and as we stand together we can take these steps to achieve them faster…

Following this example, the engagement open-ended question could be…What could you ask for to help get you there faster?

Or What’s the goal your trying to achieve right now?

Or What can you say no to, to stay focused on your steps?

Then the other way to get someone to engage is to get them to click your post…

Use a call to action

So instead of asking a question at the end of your post, you can add a call to action.

Example 1:
We entrepreneurs work hard to achieve greater things in life, and every step you take whether big or small, know it’s a step and it won’t be long until you reach where you want to be, and as we stand together we can take these steps to achieve them faster…

But for those who want more guidance, I’ve laid out a plan you can use with this Blueprint here:

Example 2:
What if, just like when you find your audience, Something incredible happens over and over again?

You make consistent SALES!

That’s what every business should be doing when targeting a potential prospect.

However, What do you say to get your prospects to convert?

Well, the truth is…

Most people retarget their website, or let new traffic reach their website without knowing how to convert them!

Because what they don’t know is this…

It’s all about what you say in your OFFER!

That’s why I’ve broken down an EASY way to create an offer quickly…

When you get this FREE book here:

Now there’s something very important I must say at this point because I don’t want you to do this and that’s to overthink any of these questions, just put it out there!

Because the truth is, what gets you REAL results is when you just write and send it out into the marketplace to get feedback from your data.

And, most of your content will get buried amongst millions of other things, and let's face it, people don’t care if you make mistakes or if it’s not perfect…

What’s key is that you just create and find out how the market reacts.

4. Use video content when possible

Facebook is trying to compete with other platforms that use video.

And they reward people with more views and lower costs when they use video over written posts.

Videos can get a HUGE reach and lots more engagement.

This isn't always the case that you’ll get better results because everyone is different and how people like to view content is not the same.

I'm merely stating that Facebook will give you a far better reach when using video over written posts.

Now when it comes to video engagement, I like to mainly focus on one type of engagement, and that’s video views.
Specifically focusing on people who watch at least 25% of the video or more.

People who watch and listen to at least a few minutes or more of your content are going to be more connected with your brand.

#5 Interact with your followers.

Every time you get a comment, make sure you ALWAYS reply.

Doing this will make stronger connections with your audience and helps develop stronger relationships with your followers.

And what's so great about interacting, is that when new people notice your comments it increases the likely hood that they will trust you and take an action.

Can you think about the last time a company or influencer commented back to something you said?

How did that make you feel?

So the next time someone comments make sure to reply.

What to do with increased facebook engagement

When I run ads to all these different posts I take all of the data and analyze which post got the best results.

I then turn off the ads that didn’t do so well and continue to run the ads that did do well and add more ad spend to those posts.

and, here’s the thing…

I take the ads with a call to action and turn them into conversion campaigns.

So when people view the posts that they engaged with, I target them with conversion campaigns with the posts that have the call to action with a message that is proven to work.

Moving forward with getting the most from your engagement ads

When you run any of these engagement ads there’s a trick you can do to find and target your competitors audience, which puts your ads directly in front of them.

You might also be interested to discover how to advertise on Facebook without getting banned.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.