Learn How to Scale Ads on Facebook Using Two Easy Methods in 2023

Scaling your ads is actually the easy part of advertising.

What mainly goes wrong is not that scaling doesn't work, but rather your ads have the following problems and don't fit these criteria such as…

  1. Proof of concept isn’t viable.
  2. The offers don’t work.
  3. The creative is off.
  4. Or the copy isn’t resonating with your audience.

So you want to make sure that your ad is ready to be scaled by not missing any of the above criteria first.

Otherwise, you'll waste time and money.

However, if you have a winning ad and offer...

In this article, I'm going to show two easy methods including tips for scaling, and common Facebook ad scaling missconceptions.

Which I have found through many years of trial and error which will save you from wasting a lot of time and money.

What is Facebook ad scaling?

Scaling is about getting more results from something that is already working.

So let's say you have a winning offer and a winning ad that’s staying pretty consistent, then it’s time to take what's working and by increasing the ads exposure and budget.

If you have a winning ad and offer that's ready to be scaled...

Top 2 Methods For Scaling Facebook Ads

#1 Vertical Scaling (Budget Increase)

Vertical scaling is just slowly increasing your budget, you can scale a winning campaign budget by 50% every 3 or 5 days.

But here’s the thing…

If you're running low budgets like 10$ or 20$ id have no problem doubling that figure, since it's low.

Let's say your average order value is $50.

And your daily budget is $50.

In that first 7 days, you get results at $30 which means your cost per acquisition(CPA) is $30.

Which really means it's costing you $30 to acquire a customer.

Then you can Increase the budget from $50 - $100 the result will go up to say: $35.

This is normal when scaling to see your CPA increase. 

What you should focus on when vertical scaling

Don’t focus on trying to make a profit at this point, the REAL goal is to break even.

You should already have a strong funnel with a sales trail in your list to make more money.

Now let’s say you start doing 50% increases:

  • From $100 to $150 your result goes to $40.
  • Then $150 to $225 result goes to $45.
  • Then $225 to $335 now you’re breaking even at $50.
  • Now let's say you increase to $500 and your cost per result goes to $58.

For some people making a loss isn’t much of a problem because they make it up back from additional offers and having a strong back-end process.

But what you can do here is scale it back to $400 and your cost per result goes down to a $50 break-even point.

This method is straightforward all you have to do is keep increasing your budget by around 50% and monitor the results over 3-5 days.

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal scaling is about taking what’s working and showing it to more people.

You do this by taking the AD ID and duplicating the ad set or campaigns and targeting new interests.

This will open you up to new targeting options to reach a larger audience.

where you can take look alike audiences, new interests, email lists, FB engagers, and so on.

What I like about this method is that you can keep the original campaign intact, and if something doesn’t work when duplicating you can always switch it off without messing up the original campaign.

Now here’s the thing…

When you duplicate you can also start with a higher budget, so if your original campaign was at $5 you duplicate the next with $20, $50, $100, and so on.

Facebook Ad Scaling Tips

The truth is scaling will fluctuate, you’re going to get good days and bad days.

You may not see purchases for an entire week and this can scare some people.

but this is actually quite normal because all of a sudden you might get most of your purchases or leads on certain days.

This is because of spending habits from consumers and things like seasons that affect this.

Don’t focus on Making a profit

Avoid focusing on making a profit on the front end and don’t focus too much effort on trying to get the price down on your ad spend.

The truth is as more advertisers use the platform its costing more. And that’s the way it's going to be.

Your focus should be on your offers, upsells and back-end offers.

And having the wrong mindset in trying to make a profit on the front end is the wrong approach and can even stop people from the opportunity of using Facebook ads the right way.

Facebook Ad Scaling misconceptions

#1 Your ROAS will stay the same

It may seem as though for some that their return on ad spend(ROAS) will stay the same, This is simply not true.


People who start a campaign and get 1000s of leads.

With a stable cost per lead or find they have a 2 x return on ROAS and their cost per acquisition is in profit.

But then once they increase the budget, or leave it alone for a while everything starts to decline.

Because the truth is, that’s how scaling works because the more you spend and saturate the audience and your ads fatigue and your cost per click will go up.

This is normal and things are going to start costing more.

That’s why creating new campaigns and refreshing your ads with new creative, is the best way to get the best results.

Misconception #2 you can run an ad without creating new offers, or new ads and creative

Again this is completely wrong, everything will eventually fatigue, and creating new lead magnets, offers, and new creative is something you will be doing many times when advertising.

You see, The more your offers and creative are shown and sold, they will eventually start burning out and will start a decline in your results.

Moving forward with scaling your ads

It's important to make sure your ads and offers are winning and worth scaling before attempting to scale them.

If you are unsure of how to get a winning Facebook ad you might be interested to check out how to structure Facebook ad campaigns, and how to target your competitors audience.

And I especially recommend learning more about Facebook ads targeting to reduce your ad spend and finding your ideal audience.