Should I use Automatic Placements On Facebook?

In most cases, you should use Automatic payments as it allows Facebook to decide where to place your ad is placed, and as Meta states, it allows their delivery system to try and make the most of your budget and increase ad exposure.

Giving them more options allows Facebook to determine where your ad should be placed and where most of your ad budget should go.

However, it is important to test because I still have campaigns that work well using manual placements specifically the conversions campaigns separating the Instagram campaigns.

But still, I would highly recommend using automatic placements and with a few dollars, you can test manual placements to make sure it’s best for you.

It's worth noting that Facebook's algorithm is getting better and better, so especially in the future, your best option is just to let Facebook determine where to place your ads by selecting automatic placements.

Screenshot that shows the placement selection and information for automatic and manual payments.

When to use manual aka edit placements instead of automatic

You have two choices to tell Facebook where you’d want your ads to run, automatic placements and manual placements aka edit placements.

With manual placements, you have the choice of telling Facebook where you want your ad to be placed, the audience network, Instagram, and messenger.

Screenshot of the available platforms you can choose in facebook ads when using manual placement.

The reason you might want to use a manual/edit placement as stated by Meta as part of your strategy is because you might want to exclude a placement, for example if your brand only fits for being on Facebook or Instagram.

You might also want to stop ads from being displayed amongst content that goes against your brand.