Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Working As They Used To!

In this article, I'm going to cover why your Facebook ads are not working as they used to and reveal 5 quick hacks to fix this fast.

Now Since post-IOS things have changed massively on the Facebook ads platform.

And If you’re in a situation where your ROAS has dropped, your ad results are going down, and find Facebook is costing you more than it's worth, Then this could be caused by several things.

Because most advertisers are running their ads the same way they did pre-IOS, and their campaign setup is outdated, this just doesn’t work how it used to.

But saying that…
There are many ways to adjust and fix this and I’m going to cover the most common and powerful things you should do to change this today!

Hack 1: Are you trying dog whistle copy with broad or open targeting

Before pre-IOS using small interests and being specific with your copy worked well.

But today this has now changed, and being broad with your copy and letting Facebook find your perfect prospect is the best way to go.

So instead of trying to niche down to smaller audiences, you should use broad terms such as:

  • To all fishing fanatics.
  • To all tennis lovers.
  • Or even to all dog owners.

This uses a technique Dan Kennedy calls whistle copy.

Meaning when you whistle through a certain frequency only dogs can hear and filters everyone else out.

So open your targeting or broaden your interests and use dog whistle copy to shout out your perfect prospect.

Hack 2: Are you testing video or other ad formats

If you're only running one type of ad format without knowing which works best for your audience, you could be cutting yourself short.

Because depending on the industry and audience a lot of people respond better to different types of ads.

Some respond better to images and reading, going through different images with a carousel versus a lot of visual people, who like to visually see a demonstration of what you have.

Such as videos help to show an experience or demonstrate your product or service which can have a massive impact on what you offer.

And here’s the thing…
At the minute facebook is giving one of the best costs per impression with video as they want more users to use video over images and text.

So if you’re not using these formats I highly recommend you give it a try it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a short clip or even something with a few slides will do.

But something to mention here:

Your Facebook ad regardless of using images, text, or videos, isn’t about selling to your prospects on the ad, that’s the job of your landing page.

All you want the user to do is click and go to where you want them to.

Hack 3: Audience overlap

If you retarget regularly or have multiple ad sets running, then may have an issue with audience overlap.

Because Facebook audience overlap is when you have the same people in different audiences and if you’ve been duplicating your winning campaigns, ad sets, and ads, and have the same audiences in each.

Then you’ll essentially be competing with yourself.

So one of the best ways to avoid this happening is to use campaing budget optimisation campaigns (CBO).

CBO are designed in a way that you can put multiple ad sets into the campaign and it won’t affect any audience overlap.

Hack 4: Are you getting good CTR or link click but still not converting

If you’re getting people to click through on your Facebook ad, but when they reach your landing page they don’t convert.

Then this is usually a sign your headline or offer isn't working or even, the message on the ad isn’t aligning with what you're promising.

This is a very common problem for most new advertisers and small businesses just starting out with Facebook ads and is probably one of the biggest reasons why they don’t get conversions.

So, try these three things…

  1. Make sure to start with the message on your ad and make sure it’s aligned with your promise, on the landing page.
  2. Then if this is all good then change your headline and wait for at least 500 people to go to your page.
  3. If this still doesn’t work, then change the offer altogether.

Hack 5: have you saturated the audience

A sign that you have saturated your audience is if you have an ad set working and then over a short time the results suddenly drop.

This could be due to Facebook exhausting your best audience to match your ad.

Because every time you launch an ad Facebook will find the best people who match your offer and then give you their best audience in the quickest time possible.

And then once they’ve shown your ad to these people…this depletes the audience fast.

So let’s say you have an ad set with 6 million in its audience, the AI will show your ad to the best people which could be only a few hundred thousand out of that 6 million people.

And then once it’s exhausted this few hundred thousand it will then start targeting the larger people out of this which aren't the best audience to target within that 6 million.

This could happen over a few weeks, or even a few days depending on the size of your audience.

So what you need to do is keep your ads fresh in front of these audiences and always keep an eye on your frequency making sure it doesn’t go over 2.

When it does switch out the creative and you can also try using different angles within that audience.

Other factors to consider

Now that you know 5 reasons why your ads are not working you may also want to consider looking into how long you should run your ads for, when should you turn off your ads and making sure you're targeting the right audience.